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A strong portfolio for outdoor cleaning and maintenance for municipalities. We've pooled our expertise in R&D, production, sales, services and application engineering. Kärcher, Holder and ISAL under one roof – that's Kärcher Municipal GmbH.

Kärcher Municipal GmbH



The municipal technology experts

As a specialized unit within the Kärcher Group, Kärcher Municipal GmbH focuses on municipalities, the gardening and landscaping sector, and service providers. The new company is based in Reutlingen, where central functions like administration, sales, product management, procurement and R&D are located. The expert area which develops sweeping systems is also located in Schwaikheim, near Winnenden, Germany. Kärcher Municipal GmbH is driven to provide municipalities with an all-inclusive package.



Technology for all requirements

With 26 to 84 HP, Kärcher sweepers are a superior solution for every application, from grounds maintenance to street cleaning, from snow clearing to irrigation. Choose from a range of waste volumes, from compact machines with one cubic metre to ISAL high-powered sweepers holding up to six cubic metres of waste. Comfortable driver cabs, ergonomic seats and an adjustable steering column allow you to work in comfort and reduce fatigue.

The Holder multi-functional implement carriers are designed for year-round use in the toughest of conditions. Whether winter maintenance, sweeping and cleaning, mowing and maintenance, or tackling weeds in municipal areas, the multi-functional vehicles can take on any challenge – including numerous special applications. A recipe of versatility, maneuverability and operating comfort ensures excellent results and economical work.



Insight and history

Kärcher entered the municipal technology industry in the mid-1990s with the ICC 1 vacuum sweeper. The ICC 1 was the first self-propelled model for the municipal sector, making work significantly easier, with the motto “Don't push – drive”. In the years that followed, the portfolio expanded and in 2009 the company started a partnership with Swedish municipal technology provider Belos. In the same year, Kärcher founded its own business area for municipal technology. After Belos joined the Group in 2011, Kärcher also invited ISAL, the Italian vacuum sweeper manufacturer, on board in 2014.

Since 2019, Holder has also been part of the Group. This manufacturer of implement carriers has a rich history. Founded in 1888 by brothers Christian Friedrich and Martin Holder, the company has always been driven by pioneering engineering and innovation, just like Kärcher. The company's history includes major milestones such as creating the world's first automatic rear sprayer (1898), the first universal single-axle tractor (1930) and the first functional small diesel engine (1950). Holder also developed the first narrow-track tractors with articulated steering, permanent all-wheel drive and four equal sized wheels (1954).

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